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Summer Fun Adventures!

A custom schedule of adventures brought right into your school, usually once a week all summer long!   Break up that monotonous summer and bring on the ADVENTURE! 


A typical schedule would be the following shows every Friday from 10:00am-11:00am: 

Lizard Wizard and Reptiles

We will bring some of our many rare and wonderful reptiles to your event or to your school, church or any celebration.

We are by far the largest reptile entertainer in the Los Angeles and Orange County area, doing almost as many programs as everybody else put together.  One reason is our animals, the quality of which is unequaled anywhere. 

Children love reptiles and it is amazing to see the smiles and openness of the children at our shows.

Wonderful World of Bubbles

The audience applauds and roars with laughter when within the first eight minutes they are introduced, with the aid of music, to an array of bubble tricks and sculptures.  "WOW!  Just like a bubble magic show!!"

As our show progresses our interactive format uses volunteers from the audience to assist us with simple experiments.  Experience huge, 8 foot long rainbow bubbles in our "colors" section!  Learn how to make a square bubble in our "shapes" section!    And for our "Grand Finale", members of the audience will experience the world from INSIDE A BUBBLE!! 

The Magic of Curtis

Curtis Lovell II is an international and a televised performer who specializes in magical entertainment.  Curtis Lovell II creates an image of world class entertainment and leaves magical memories for everyone.

Magically, you hear your thoughts read aloud, coins appear in your friend's hand, watches stop on command.  Curtis' energy itself is magic -- drawing you into the positive, interactive experience.


Puppy Parties

Puppy parties are fun for all ages.  It’s almost like playing with a living doll.  The puppies are home raised and the temperaments of these babies are without peer.

Polynesian Hula Fun

A fun and educational interactive program, in which children learn the Hula, try their hands at Poi Ball dancing, and play the rhythm instruments of the islands.

Ahoy Pirate Parrots

Parrot Parties offer unique entertainment through diverse programs & multiple personas. The beautiful professional parrot performers that we work with are a key element to each of our presentations. The presentations are what is being called, more and more, “Edutainment”. This is a careful blend of stage show presentations melded with an attention getting, educational focus.



Instrumental Music and Drums

Our mission is to create awesome, spontaneous & exciting music making experiences for our clients. We achieve our goals by placing percussion & other melodic instruments into the hands of the children assist them in finding musical achievements regardless of their age or experience.  Our facilitators will craft a spontaneous musical activity consisting of music games, creative rhythm based activities and group jam sessions!

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